Cardiovascular disease or cardiovascular diseases refers to the class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels (arteries and veins). While the term technically refers to any disease that affects the cardiovascular system (as used in MeSH), it is usually used to refer to those related to atherosclerosis (arterial disease). These conditions have similar causes, mechanisms, and treatments. In practice, cardiovascular disease is treated by cardiologists, thoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, neurologists, and interventional radiologists, depending on the organ system that is being treated. There is considerable overlap in the specialties, and it is common for certain procedures to be performed by different types of specialists in the same hospital.

Types of cardiovascular diseases:

* Aneurysm

* Angina

* Atherosclerosis

* Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)

* Cerebrovascular disease

* Congestive Heart Failure

* Coronary Artery Disease

* Myocardial infarction (Heart Attack)

* Peripheral vascular disease

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